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Medienhilfe Ex-Jugoslawien

Professionelle Solidarität gegen Nationalismus und Chauvinismus
Professional solidarity against nationalism and chauvinism

editor in chief: Dejan Krsic
address: Republike Austrije 17/1, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel. +385/1/3777 866; Fax +385/1/3777 867

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Arkzin started in September 1991 as the fanzine of Antiwar Campaign of Croatia. In March 1993 the second series of Arkzin started to appear as a monthly magazine, and since June 1994 it is a biweekly newspaper. A normal issue consists of 32 pages on A3 format. The circulation is 8.000 copies.
In September 1994 Arkzin registered as a non-profit enterprise for publishing, graphic design, video production and for organising cultural events. This development reflects the role that Arkzin plays in the context of the movement for peace, non-violence, human rights, women’s power and ecology on one side, and the efforts of a growing range of people to build a cultural environment, which resists not only the war and its consequences but also the strangling grip of the dominant nationalist forces in Coatia, on the other side. Arkzin has established itself as a major forum of independent, alternative, critical information and debate. Arkzin not only criticises the government policies (e. g. the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the evictions of the people from former Yugoslav army flats), but also examines the role of the media, of the intellectuals and of various marginalised youth subcultures.
In December 1994, the first issue of „Bastard" was published as a supplement of Arkzin. This is the start of a review of books and critical theory for a new enlightenment. Since then, it has been appearing every two months in eight pages. The paper also has a irregular supplement dedicated to the media theory, new technologies and techno culture named „Fractal".
The decision to become the enterprise resulted on one hand from the need to become an independent entity in the network of various projects and NGOs, and on the other hand there is a growing need for professional facilities in the field of graphic design, publishing, e-mail, and other cultural productions. This ranges from publishing supplements or separate flyers and postcards on the position of homosexuals, drugs, and human rights to the projects like founding of an independent cultural club. The review of the Women’s Infoteka „Bread and Roses", the exposition of the comics „Signed by War" and the graphic material for the macrobiotic centre „Makronova", alternative theatre group „Montazstroj" are some of the productions of Arkzin. Over the years Arkzin has been giving the opportunity to young journalists, designers, photographers, etc. to practice and develop their skills. Arkzin is now an essential node in the network of social, cultural, and political initiatives in Croatia.
Arkzin has with very limited means reached a respected journalistic level. They communicate with one telephone line for phone, fax, and electronic mail. At the moment, they have indirect access to Internet through the store-forward BBS of the peace movement (Zamir Transnational Network).
Most journalists and graphic designers are trained on the spot and through personal experience. They are, however, not able to dedicate themselves full time to the paper because of low payment.
The paper’s main objective in this year is to construct some essential infrastructure for building civil society, freedom of expression and respect for human rights in Croatia. Concretely it means to establish a network for communication among various initiatives, projects, and non-governmental organisations in Croatia and abroad, as well as to enable independent cultural, social, and political initiatives to present and promote themselves.
The main activity to work on is to start with regular putting Arkzin articles on the Net. Thus articles will be more accessible to a wider circle of readers, especially in the area of former Yugoslavia, where the paper is not regularly on sale in kiosks. Besides, an English edition of Arkzin, which will contain the most interesting or the most important articles and graphics, will be published every few months.



Cooperation with ELECTRA - Women's Art Center
in development of alternative video center

ARKzin goes underground! SEPTEMBER 10, 1997


Vesna Jankovic,
former editor in chief of ARKzin
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