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Medienhilfe Ex-Jugoslawien

Professionelle Solidarität gegen Nationalismus und Chauvinismus
Professional solidarity against nationalism and chauvinism


“ZERI I DITES”, Daily, Prishtine

  • Description of the Project and Organisation

Kosova remains one of the most important and most interesting region in this part of Europe, because of the well-known circumstances. The process of  creating democratic society in Kosova is still very difficult one, and it requires mobilization of internal political and informative democratic resources. Stabilization of political and media scene is continuing to be dependend on western support. This year was very important to understand what are key problems of media scene in Kosova.

It is clear that medias in Kosova are suffering from legacy of previous period in which was not possible to create normal social and political circumstances. But, our opinion is that in spite of many problems, most of kosovar medias are keeping good direction in their editorial policy which means that they are expressing thier sinceir belief in the western political values and  in creating of tolerant and democratic society in Kosova. Nevertheless, it is obvious that many problems are still there. First of all, freedom of expression is still not functioning as a part of state of law, which remians one of our main aim. Secondly, media market is still not established properly, most of all because economy of Kosova is still not able to produce results which will stabilize our society. Thirdly, newspapers are still paying extraordinary price for newsprinte, or, more concretely, we are forced to pay 26.5% custom and taxation for newsprint. Compared with 3% in Macedonia. Finally, medias will need to meet all obligations (taxes, etc.), in spite of the fact that they are not creating profit.

All these elements are proving that the next year will be very difficult for most of kosovar medias. On the other hand, it is known that Kosovar society will face serious changes now, after local elections, that were held on October 28 . It is known that next year in Kosova will be held general elections, so role of media will be once again appreciated.

Daily „ZERI“, which started on December 28 of 1999, is one of the most important newspaper in Kosova. Average circulation during this year was over 8000 copies with 70% sold copies. For the time being, „ZERI“ is distributed all over Kosova and in Macedonia. For the next year, we are planning to start with our westerne edition (edition for the Western Europe).

„ZERI“ in this period has achived remarkable results. We will just mention here that origininal contribution for „ZERI“ were prepared by Kofi Anan, Oun Secretary General and Madeleine Albright, US Secretary of State. Interviews with the most prominent western politicians were published, such as with Javier Solana, EU Foreign Minister, Tony Blair, British Prime Minsiter, Joschka Fischer, German Foreign Minister, etc.etc.

We are planning to continue with regular edition of daily “ZERI”. It is important to underline here that in October 2000, 72% of our needs for this months were covered from our incomes and just 25% from support. Our plan is to go further and to reach, until end of the next year, „Positive zero”, or to be self-sustainable one.

  • Information about the applicant organisation

Informative Publishing Enterprise “ZERI” is established in december, 1993.

In Company “ZERI” are employed alltogether 101 persons. In daily “ZERI”, are employed 81 persons, from which 12 women. In weekly “ZERI” are employed 20 persons, from which 4 women.


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