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Professionelle Solidarität gegen Nationalismus und Chauvinismus
Professional solidarity against nationalism and chauvinism


Project incluced in the Support Program 2001: DIFFERENCES BOND

Member of the TV Network

Name of company: TRD TV Studio TERA DOOEL – Bitola
Name of owner: Zoran Mangovski
Established: 07.04.1993
Address: Milton Manaki 21 Bitola
Telephone number: 097/22-77-31, 22-88-31
Fax number:097/22-55-31

Television details:
Name: TERA Televizija
Name editor-in-chief: Ljubica Angelkova
Editors: 6 (4 current affairs and news editors, 1 entertainment program editor, 1 documentary program editor)
Correspondents, stringers: Journalists from other local TV stations, and, if required, correspondents from other Balkan countries, Europe and USA.
Cameramen: 4
Sound technicians: 3
Cutters: 4
Total staff: 20 full-time plus 19 part-time employees.

Background, history and aims of the station:

TERA Television is an independent, private TV station that broadcasts in the southwestern region of the Republic of Macedonia. Therefore, it is a regional TV station whose news and current affairs program is the most dominant program. The program concept of this TV station also focuses on the production of non-commercial documentary projects (inter-ethnic relations, historiography, ethnology etc.), educational programs (environment, children and adult education), as well as other independent current affairs projects that reflect the image of the overall concept of an independent and modern TV subject, very popular in this part of the country. According to the strategic marketing research, TV Tera has been the most dominant media in the region for the last four years.

Editorial policy: The editorial policy of TV TERA arises from its essential organizational structure. TERA is a private TV station funded by the income generated from airtime, a small percentage from sponsorships (commercial programs) and donations. Funding is independent from the editorial and program concept of the television, especially the current affairs program. This only proves the determination of the television to offer hard facts from all parties involved in an issue and let the audience derive its own opinion concerning a specific issue.

Rate of the own production programs: 16 hours of program broadcasted daily, of which 40% is in-house production.

News and current affairs programs: production (90 minutes per day news allocated in two big editions at 6:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. and short afternoon and after-midnight news reviews), several current affairs magazines dedicated to immediate social and political topics in the form of interviews, debates, duels etc. presenting the opinions of different stakeholders in support of the program determination for objective, independent reporting free from journalistic commentaries, concentrating only on facts.

Audience/public aimed at (description/numbers): Potentially 300,000-350,000 viewers (Pelagonia region), of which 160,000 are confirmed every-day viewers, according to a survey. Thus, TV TERA ranges second after TV A1 in terms of audience number.

Range/geographical area covered: Bitola, Prilep, Krusevo and neighboring municipalities Dobrusevo, Novaci, Bistrica and Capari.

Current immediate problems: Although Bitola is – in the words of editor-in-chief Ljubica Angelkova – situated far off the current crisis region, the general uneasiness of the business community hits TV TERA as well. As there is a great crisis scare in the region, the money circulation is decreasing. In addition, the well-known problems of dumping-prices in advertisement by illegal TV stations accelerates the economic malaise.

General assessment: TV TERA leaves the impression of being professionally organized. It receives much competition from the great national TV stations, because TV TERA is unable to receive pictures from Skopje, where much of the political action of the country is taking place. Not surprisingly, the main reason why TV TERA is interested in cooperating in a TV Network is the hope that pictures from Skopje and other important regions can be received from TV ERA in Skopje and TV ART in Tetovo in exchange for local news from TV TERA to other stations. So far, the network is only functioning on an informal basis with an information exchange by telephone with TV ART in Tetovo and TV Zdravkin in Veles. On the other hand, TERA has been able to partially react to the competition from A1 by broadcasting a popular regional news program – in which it enjoys a quasi-monopoly – at the same moment that A1 is broadcasting their news program.

TV TERA further claims that it needs to be integrated in a professional broadcaster’s association, but that its experience in that field has been frustrating so far. There is evidence of demoralization bordering on lethargy and an unwillingness to take matters into their own hands. An impulse from outside in this regard may be helpful, not only regarding the association, but also in taking the lead in the TV Network. For this reason the partners of the International Media Fund (IMF) call on TV TERA, as the most professional station among its partners, to take the lead in further assessing the needs and capacities of partner stations for a TV Network.



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