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Professionelle Solidaritšt gegen Nationalismus und Chauvinismus
Professional solidarity against nationalism and chauvinism


Member of the TV Network

Name of company: TRD Zdravkin
Name of owner: Angel Zdravkin
Established: 19.01.1991
Address: ul. Dimce Mircev br.1 Veles
Telephone number: 093/32-900, 34-900
Fax number:093/34-900

Television details:
Name editor-in-chief: Ubavka Janevska
Editors: 2
Correspondents, stringers: none
Cameramen: 3
Sound technicians: 2
Cutters: 4
Total staff: 9 full-time plus 8 part-time employees.

Background, history and aims of the station: TV Zdravkin is a local TV station focusing on news and current affairs programs that cover economic, educational, cultural, sports and other topics of interest. It is the only legal TV station in Veles.

Editorial policy: The Editor-in-Chief is in charge of the editing and conceptualization of the program, in cooperation with the reporters from the Current Affairs Department. TV Zdravkin is a self-funded and independent medium.

Rate of the own production programs: 4,5 hours daily in-house production.

News and current affairs programs: 20 minutes of local and regional news based on the concept of articles, reviews, commentaries, surveys, etc. are broadcasted daily. Within the framework of current affairs programming, 150 minutes per day are broadcasted on immediate topics from the region covered by the television station.

Audience/Public aimed at (description/numbers): Potentially 60,000.

Range/geographical area covered: Veles, neighboring settlements Prevalec and Basino Selo, and the surrounding villages.

Current immediate problems: While other stations are complaining that the business community is reluctant to advertise on TV, Zdravkin claims that the advertising is hardly decreasing. However, the companies are several months behind in paying for it, leaving an amount of 75,000 DM of missing payment from advertising during the year 2000. The owner of TV Zdravkin does not believe that the larger companies cannot pay for the advertising but instead is convinced that the reasons are political, as the business is preparing for war. On the other hand, he admits that the enterprises for silk, leather and ceramics are on the verge of bankruptcy. This leaves the station with the dilemma of being dependent on those companies that it wishes to criticize for their lack of environmental conscience and enormous pollution, especially the large melting factory in Veles. The director is optimistic that after the shutdown of an illegal station in Veles at the end of March 2001 the advertising market may slowly improve again. As for now, the station is dependent on the funds allocated by the Macedonian Government, which is distributed out of 10% of the concession fees according to Macedonian Law.

General assessment: TV Zdravkin leaves the impression of suffering from a clear lack of organization. Neither the owner nor the editor-in-chief seem to be well informed about their current staff numbers or the budget. A more detailed business plan will be forwarded soon. This will be of paramount importance for TV Zdravkinís plans for the future, as it would like to become the dominating regional TV station. Until today only national and local stations are legal in Macedonia, but there is hope that the laws will be amended soon, thus legalizing regional stations as well.



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